The Best Way To Recruit Millennials

June 19, 2016 Kelly Marc Alston

As a new generation graduates and starts the job hunt, they're looking for careers that are dynamic, flexible, and challenging, at companies with a culture to match. Understanding what motivates them is the first step to engaging them in the recruitment process. It's easy (and foolish) to ignore the concerns of the largest generation in the workforce and force them to accept your current recruitment strategy as the status quo. Smart employers understand that recruiting, like any process, is an iterative process that should be adapted to ensure that it continues to be effective. 

Here are some of the top concerns cited by millennials regarding recruiting.

They want to hear about the mission.

A company needs to be mission-driven in order to appeal to millennials, and the mission needs to be communicated right at the start, when they're being recruited. It’s the ‘why’ behind company objectives that gets millennials excited and invested in their day to day responsibilities. Companies whose mission is aligned with its actions are incredibly appealing – alignment unites the team, motivates them to do their best, and improves the overall work culture. Millennials want their work to matter and a well delineated and clearly articulated mission is a competitive advantage in landing them.

They want you to be real.

It’s essential to be upfront about the rewards  and the challenges of working for your company and the role they're applying for. This aspect of recruiting wasn't as important when the unemployment rate was high, but with less top talent available for hire, it's critical to give jobseekers the complete picture of what to expect on day one. Millennials are notorious job-hoppers because they know what they want and will keep looking until they find it. Straight talk during the recruiting process will help ensure that the job (and the applicant) is a fit. 

They want to work but they also want to live.

Assuming work/life balance is a priority at your company, it should definitely be a centerpiece topic in the recruitment process. Address both the philosophy behind it as well as how it can be achieved. If your company offers unlimited vacation (yes, that's a thing) or has a  liberal work from home policy, put it in your recruitment materials, in your job posts, and on your website. 

They want you to get social.

Millennials are the tech-savviest generation alive so they’re looking for companies that take full advantage of the social and communication tools available in the digital age. Companies should implement a recruiting process that engages candidates on social media, allows them to apply online while keeping them informed about the process, and interacts with them via email, SMS, or a mobile app. 

Millennials are forcing businesses to rethink their recruiting and hiring practices. Whether this means tweaking existing processes or a full scale redo, it's incumbent on today's businesses to meet millennials where they are with an engaging, authentic, and tech-driven experience. 

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