Staffing An Urgent Care Center? You're Not Alone...

February 14, 2017 Kelly Marc Alston

The days of the ‘patient’ patient are over—and so are the days of the patient hiring manager in increasingly busy urgent care centers.

Urgent care is booming, and is expected to continue to take market share from emergency departments and physician offices for the foreseeable future. Patients are choosing immediate care over waiting weeks to see their doctors, or hours to be seen in the ER. By choosing urgent care for non-life-threatening concerns, they are also enabling ERs to save more lives—so there is a moral as well as an economic need to keep urgent care clinics running smoothly.

Unfortunately, today’s slow staffing models are inadequate to support the increasingly complex needs of care centers, especially for administrative and support positions. Here are just a few of the factors that are driving such rapid and sustainable growth in the industry:

  • Urgent care is a distinct growth service line in medical care, likely to capture an increasing percentage of the projected $5.4 trillion to be spent on healthcare by 2024.
  • Urgent care centers are now a $14.5 billion business.
  • Major healthcare systems have been aggressively acquiring and building clinics to provide patients lower cost options and more efficient access to care.
  • Just 29% of primary care doctors have after-hours and weekend coverage. 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week with 95% closing after 7 p.m.
  • A growing number of physicians are becoming Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine.
  • More physician assistants and nurse practitioners are specializing in urgent care.

So what are the high demand jobs in this sector?

  • Medical personnel: There have been no industry mandated staffing requirements for urgent care centers, because they operate as physician practices and follow the regulations of medical offices. But by mandate or sheer necessity, that is about to change. UC centers must prepare for an increasingly diverse range of medical conditions and emergencies. They must also be able to offer on-site lab tests, imaging, and pharmacy services. Clinics will need more specialized physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurse assistants to deliver these services, which will require hiring platforms that can efficiently source these individuals.
  • Non-medical personnel: Administrative and support staff will grow to accommodate the range of services that clinics offer. Offices will need more scheduling coordinators, client support analysts, client service coordinators, recruiting coordinators, program directors, billing specialists, care managers, and office managers. The business side of urgent care will see rapid growth and shortages in many vital positions. Turnover is high for these positions, and clinics will need a way to bring in qualified replacements quickly.

Importance of using the right hiring platform

Online talent acquisition platforms like Hoops are partnering with healthcare organizations to connect health care professionals to highly relevant opportunities in their specialized fields. By 2025, digital talent acquisition platforms could add  and begin to solve many persistent labor challenges. According to this report, they could reduce the cost of recruiting talent by as much as 7 percent while increasing company output by up to 9 percent.

These platforms work with hiring managers to identify all of the necessary skill sets to help organizations thrive. Once in the system, candidates are extensively vetted for qualifications, skills, and career objectives before being recommended to the organizations that need their services. Talent acquisition platforms are precisely the solution the industry needs to prevent a crisis in urgent care staffing.

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