Now Is The Time To Start Engaging Your Talent

November 15, 2015 Kelly Marc Alston

The importance of keeping staff engaged is crystal clear to many companies. When talent is given challenging but achievable goals, regular feedback, and training they become highly invested in business outcomes and strive for success in their work. Companies that make talent engagement a priority attract the best candidates and minimize turnover. But putting employee engagement programs into place can be tough. With the myriad issues facing C-suite executives and front-line managers on a daily basis, how can firms ensure that talent is being effectively and consistently engaged and supported?


It’s critical to understand that engagement and culture go hand in hand. Company culture is defined by shared values, by behaviors and mindsets, and by how companies treat staff and how staff treat each other. One way that companies can show their commitment to talent engagement is by putting it in black and white in the mission statement. Rather than just focusing on customers, and products or services, the mission statement needs to include talent engagement as a core value. Talk about it in staff meetings, make sure that managers with direct reports understand that they’re in charge of driving it, and let employees know that the company’s culture includes positive and proactive talent engagement.


Potential employees are evaluating companies as closely as companies are evaluating them. In order to get the best candidates to apply, emphasize the value placed on talent engagement from the beginning. Acknowledge when resumes are received, follow-up with next steps, and always let applicants know where they stand. Keep in mind that candidates are customers too. Treat candidates like the best clients are treated and make talent engagement a primary goal.


The best way to retain staff is to have well-defined talent engagement programs in place. The companies that do it right are the ones consistently ranked as the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ because they understand the rock-solid correlation between talent engagement and retention. These companies are committed to employee growth, they welcome suggestions and feedback, and they reward outstanding performance. Their investment in talent engagement is a major reason for their success.

Employees who are truly engaged are more productive, happier, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the business thrives. And those are the best reasons to make talent engagement a top priority.


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