5 Ways To Hire Like Google

June 6, 2016 Kelly Marc Alston

Unsurprisingly, many companies attempt to emulate Google’s business practices. As one of the most successful companies of the past decade, the tech giant is a leader in rethinking existing systems, resulting in disruptive change in a variety of areas beyond its core business.

A prime example is the way Google hires. Google has very effective tools it uses to ascertain which hiring practices work, and which don't. Here are five ways for any business to mold their hiring procedures, according to Google's Vice President of People Operations, Laszlo Bock.

Stop Using GPA As A Hiring KPI

Through their research, Google has found that while college GPA is indicative of certain traits like work ethic, it isn't a leading indicator of job performance. Instead, identify the skills that are most important to perform the job in question, and test for them directly.

Use Performance Tests To Predict Readiness

Bock and his team determined that the best predictor of job performance is a work sample test in which applicants are given a sample of work similar to what they would encounter on the job. Build some time into your hiring process to have candidates work though current challenges to really understand problem-solving capabilities and how they think.

Tailor Interview Questions To The Job

Bock warns against writing one set of interview questions and using it as a standard, regardless of the position. In fact, Google has developed a program that creates a set of behavioral and situational questions based on different job descriptions, establishing the ability to pinpoint job readiness and key personality traits for every position.

Develop A Scoring Rubric

Bock swears by the ability to standardize interviews with a rubric and scoring system. Providing questions that coax compelling answers and having a method of comparing interviews in a quantitative way is extremely helpful for interviewers. This is especially true when hiring teams are inundated with resumes and need to fill the position with the best candidate available.

Bring Different Individuals Into The Process

Get applicant evaluations not only from hiring managers and peers, but also the employees who would work under the applicant if they got the job. This provides additional insight into their fit with the team and culture.

Keep in mind that ‘best practices’ still need to be adapted to fit the specific hiring challenges in your business, but Google’s hiring model is a terrific starting point to ensure that you're getting the best and brightest minds available to fill your open positions.


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